come together 2020

Pueri Cantores Foederatio Helvetica

Dear conductors, dear choir conductors
The face of Pueri Cantores, the global organization for children's and youth choirs, is now mainly characterized by the choirs that are based at the major cathedrals, or whose supra-regional importance to the public is have made a name for it.

But the real idea of Pueri Cantores is to accompany the many singing groups working in their parish or parish and to offer them a platform for mutual exchange.
For this reason, for the first time, we want to consciously

"Come together"
for smaller children's choirs, junior choirs of larger organizations and children's singing groups
on June 27th 2020 in Lucerne

to invite.
For once, it should not be a performance show of the big choirs, but show the many committed children in numerous choirs and groups from all over Switzerland: "You are not alone!"
The community experience "Come togther 2019" is intended by the joint development and performance of simple songs for a Holy Mass. The polyphony is created by a simple modular and rhythmic structure, which immediately goes into the blood, makes fun and can be used in his own work at home with a not too complicated organ accompaniment for each choir.
The leading melodies and/or polyphony modules do not require much preparation at home and are then assembled into a whole in Lucerne. As rehearsal aids for the children we can provide MP3 files.

"Come together" 2019 in Lucerne is open to all, not only member choirs of "Pueri Cantores" Also for individual members from choirs participation is possible. The choirs take care of the arrival and departure. The event itself is free of charge. All participating choirs receive a complete performance material with copying rights for the choir voices as a gift.
We start at 10:00 in the parish hall of the Lucerne Court Church. The team of the Lucerne Kantorei is provided for the physical well-being and is offered by Pueri Cantores Switzerland. The final performance will then take place at 17:15 in the Lucerne Hofkirche. At 18:30 we will say goodbye to you again and hope that you have spent an eventful day with many new friends in Lucerne - because much more is done than just sung from morning to evening.

If you are interested, maybe without a definitive registration, please send us a short message via the contact form at the bottom of this page.
We look forward to seeing you!
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